Nose Fillers at Prive Clinic

Friday, May 25, 2012

I don't know about other girls, but i'm sure once in your life you would have a chat with your girlfriend about what part of your face you would like to change, if you have money or the guts you would probably get your chin done sharper, get your eyes cut to look larger, do double eyelid surgery, lipo, get a nose job or whatever right?

Hahahah so for me i've always told my gfs whenever this topic comes up, that i would wanna get my nose done if i could, I'm generally quite satisfied with my face shape, eyes whatever but my nose bridge is just not high enough!

You can see how my nose bridge dips down a little in the middle right? Bah! I wished that it was a wee bit higher and sharper!

And it so happens that Prive Clinic granted me my wish and sponsored me a session of nose fillers- just imagine how exciting it was for me! 

Ok I was actually SO excited about finally having a higher nose bridge that i totally ignored the fact that there was gonna be NEEDLES involved. Hahahah so i'm afraid of needles, who isn't! But when i arrived at Prive Clinic and told Dr Karen Soh about me being terrified of needles, she gave me the warmest smile and told me not to worry, they will be applying numbing cream & a local anesthesia and I won't feel a thing.

Numbing cream is being applied generously and we have to wait for about 20 minutes before the numbing effect totally set in, and Dr Soh also injected a local anesthesia at the base of my nose to block any pain at all, she even warned me "this would hurt abit", but the injection was over in a second and i was pleasently surprised that I didn't feel any pain at all!

After waiting for a couple minutes for the local anesthesia to take effect, it's finally time for the fillers! Hahahaha all i felt was a little prick - no pain at all throughout the whole process!

Then after the fillers has been injected, Dr Soh patiently massaged and shaped the fillers to how high i wanted my nose bridge to be, and gave me some do & don'ts for the next few days because the fillers are pretty much still in a "mouldable" form for the next couple days, simple things like, don't wear specs that are too tight at the nose bridge that might pinch it and leave a mark, haha pretty much try to leave your nose alone etc!

The whole experience was awesome! Dr Soh was really soothing and professional and that makes the whole needle-makes-me-freak-out thing. ♥

The RADIESSE Fillers lasts for about a year and it is the only filler that immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen for long-lasting results

Prive has a little makeup corner stocked with lancome products if you need to powder your nose or touch up your blusher, spritz on some perfume before you walk out of Prive Clinic looking better than ever after your treatment! (:

I've also went back for a follow up appointment with Dr Soh a week later and she topped up a little more of the fillers on my nose bridge because i haven't finish using the whole bottle during my first visit. I think really great after service from Prive. Feel so safe because Dr Soh and the nurses & receptionist are all so friendly and nice the whole time! ♥

This is one week after the nose fillers, i think this is perfect for me now, since i'm still not so sure i would have the guts to go under the knife and get a nosejob or anything, but I loooooove how just a little tweaking with fillers give the higher nosebridge i have now, all thanks to Prive Clinic!

So if you're thinking of "tweaking" your features a little with fillers and looking a whole lot better, go look for Dr Karen Soh at Privé Clinic cos she's so awesome! Mention that you're from "FIDELIS's blog" and get a complimentary set of Whitening mask from Prive! 

◤ Privé Clinic is located at:
One Raffles Place (Just beside Raffles Place MRT)
#05-04A Singapore 048616 

Contact Us
Tel: 6535 8684

Opening hours
Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm
Sat: 9am to 8pm
Sun and PH: Closed

Sponsored Ad: Kwerkee!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello , Just wanted to share something i got in the mail just yesterday! 

I've got mail from the lovely gals over at!! Love love love the cool packaging, have already stash the little brown Kwerkee paper bag for future use heh

Cirratum Velvet Pink Hot Lips Telephone
 Mad cute or what! Hahahaha even my boyfriend thinks it's really cute.

In case you've not heard about Kwerkee yet, Kwerkee is by Reebonz and they have the same flash sales concept,  basically for Reebonz it's mainly branded bags, jewllery etc.
For Kwerkee.. as the name suggests.. they have flash sales for QUIRKY & ARTY FARTY items! Kwerkee offers 'daily design sauce' and hard to find design pieces at up to 70% off retail.

XOXO. Mad cute and it's in hot pink and better still, it's velvet! 

You just gotta join Kwerkee a member to check out their new events everyday, so much fun stuff, who doesnt love flash sales?! Especially if you're thinking of decorating your house.. quickly sign up and "camp" at and grab them before the flash sales ends!

You can use my invite to sign up for an account with them, have fun! :D

Kwerkee by Reebonz is out to become the city's most imaginative design source for interesting knick-knacks, hard to find design pieces and everything else ARTY FARTY. It's all about putting a GRIN on people's faces - that for us is the best design inspiration. 
Twitter     : @KwerkeeSocial
Loves, theLuckiestChick.

Sponsored Review: LoveMore Electric Ore mask

Hello! Was sent some masks from LoveMore for review a couple days back, It's the Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask, love the packaging!

It's a face mask + neck mask which is suppose to have a lifting effect after usage. It contains CoQ10 & SNY-Ake which tightens skin and give you the "small face effect".

It's an elastic mask that stretches to fit the contour of your face, this is how it works:

It comes with ear hooks, you can apply this mask even in front
of your computer or even when you're cooking or doing whatever random stuff and it won't fall off!! hahaha!

Of cos that's not the main purpose of the ear hooks la duh..
The main purpose is for the mask to "lift" up the skin around your eye, mouth, cheeks, chin area. But actually i'm not exactly a huge fan of the ear hooks thou, cos the mask is so soaked with the essence, when you hook the flap on your ear, inevitably it would come in contact with your hair etc and it makes the essence smear all over your hair which i think is kinda eeky. But other than that..

Which girl doesn't love how super hydrated and elastic our skin feels after a quick 20 minute mask on? Love how it covers the chin area too since we usually might neglect our chin and neck when applying skincare etc. 

Fidel's tip:

Always remember to smooth out all the air bubble/pockets when apply the sheet mask to make sure it's 100% in contact with your skin, if not, even if you're using the most expensive mask available your skin also cannot reap the benefits of the mask! (:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Sporsored post: Milly's!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One of my favorite sponsors, Milly's!

They have just renovated the Far East Plaza & Bugis Street branch, now it's super princessy and comfy! Loved the overstuffed velvet chairs, so gorgeous or what! Heh my new favorite manicurist is Chloe, and she was super funny & interesting to chitchat with!

Was at Milly's Bugis with Esther a couple of sundays ago, heh decided to do pink glittery gellish with a super kawaii handdrawn kitty that i saw on refinery29! Chit chat with esther while doing nails, so glad to have some girly time!

Hahahah, how do ya like my kitty? When i had this manicure i kept going around and laying my kitty nails on my friend's arms and go "meeeeeeow". Lol

Love how lasting it is! Gellish is the best invention ever for me cos i'm so rough hahaha, no more chipped nails just 2-3 days after spending hours at the Milly's to get my nails done.

Redid my nails at Milly's, love the clear half moon design! You can't believe how lasting it is, hahaha cos of the clear half moon design, even after it grew out it still look fresh and can't see that my nails grow out already. hehehe

Milly's is having a promo on !
50% discount for gellish, only $20 instead of $40! 0.0

Super worth it, buy buy buy! There's limited amount of these eVouchers thou, you get get one for your gellish manicure and one for your gellish pedicure, can buy as many as you want to use in the future!

Mystery makan the other day with the girls and the theme was retro, so i was kinda going for the 50's pinup girl look with the curls and red lippie haha. 

Other than Milly's Gellish Nails 50% discount, they also have Milly's eyelash extensions at 50%!

So pretty! Imagine waking up with angelic fluttery dolly lashes beside your boyfriend/husband, no need to be shy of your "naked face" anymore, shiok!

One last photo of me & leon during mytery makan! :D

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Taiwan Spring 2012: Day 5 - 鲁山。 日月潭。海盗王, One Piece Event @ 九族!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Hello! Back to my Taiwan Travelogues: Day 5!

Day 4 we went to this minsu at 鲁山 called 幸福小镇, it's very secluded and quiet there and while watching the tv i doze off and slept really early like 10pm or so, and for the entire night he woke me up so many times - accidentally of course but still, so super annoyed. 
He kept waking up, walking around, check the door, check the window like a mad man really. It's like he expects to see a crazy mountain dude barge into our minsu's cabin and chop us with an axe.

So we woke up at 8am, arrange for our minsu owner to fetch us over to Sun Moon Lake, 日月潭
LOL, ok my chinese damn fail i thought 日月潭 was pronounced as "RI YUE PIAO"
hahaha then leon said to my friends "whoa you see my girlfriend very good hor plan to bring me go piao nu ren from day to night" - if you get what i mean. Only later then i realize 日月潭 is  pronounced as RI YUE TAN. *blush*

Yay! After about 1.5-2hour car ride we finally arrived at our minsu, checked in and off we go to explore 日月潭!!!

So  is one of the most popular tourist scene in Taiwan, and you can read what's the deal about Sun moon lake HERE.
So i was researching about what to do at SML and i came across 九族文化村 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, basically it's a cultural village X theme park.

And at that time there were having the One Piece Memorial Log event & Sakura Festival!!!! How could we miss it for the world, so lucky for us! We're like huge fans of One Piece and we finish watching 500+ episodes of the anime within 2 months or so?! LOL

◤ 九族文化村 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village


Basically to get to the 九族文化村 Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, from sun moon lake we took the lake ferry then the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway to 九族文化村.
We purchased a package from our minsu which include the ticket, ferry ride & ropeway so it was easy peasy and getting there was a breeze.


Saw a pink ferry at the sun moon lake ferry dock! So pretty haha


Breakfast time! Had waffles + maple honey which was pretty yums! The sign on the top left reads "please do not touch me, i'm real" LOL usually those foodie sample showcase is normally fake right! so funny haha


Finally found our way to the Sun Moon Lake ropeway and it happens to be some holiday or whatever?! 
The place was SWARMED with noisy, pushy kids. 

Omg i swear it's my personal nightmare, i'm the only child and i've never really been exposed to kids so naturally they kinda scare the shit out of me? Lol I'm 21 and i've never held a baby in my entire life. Maybe prode and laugh at their cuteness and "lotus" baby arms and legs but once their little face starts crumbling and crying, i just ruuuuuuuuun.

But thank god once we reached 九族文化村 somehow most of the kids disappeared? Lol i see bunch of them here and them but luckily the theme park was pretty big so they dont go around in a huge bunch and make a ton of noise, so THANK GOD!!!




Oh yes and there's the sakura event too! Rows and ROWS of beautiful pink trees. How to not ♡?


Too bad it's been raining quite abit so the locals told us, thus alot of the sakura petals also fell off from all the rain if not it'll be much much much more beautiful.


Kids see this kor kor! Make fun of the aborginal thingy and he's gonna get his head chopped off! Hahahah that's something i like about him cos he's so qianbian and expressive sometime he's not really afraid of doing things to embarass himself to make me laugh hahahaha like a idiot but i likey.


♡ I want me some pinky trees in my backyard too.


Oh now you know what he's into eh?! Hahahaha kidding, i snapped another more outragous photo of him kneeling down and kowtow-ing to the huge dick that he begged me not to upload. 
- Okay i might have made him do that... HAHAHA!



Oh cos it started drizzeling and we wanted to avoid the rain so we went to try the pottery thing! Hahaha i think it's those spintable kinda pottery but it was just like playing with play dough really. I wanna try those spin table type thou! Hahahaha like a romance drama only. Always the girl with have no control over shaping the pottery then the handsome dude will step in and help her mould it from behind *dramatic typical romance drama song playing in the background.*

Cannot stand waiting so we ran to the nearest shop and got really overpriced brolly lol damn idiotic, i still packed my brolly in my luggage but forget to bring out. -.-

OMG finally walked to the part of the park with the ONE PIECE EVENT!!!

So excited i could die!!! First ride of the day "Maya Adventures!!" Lots of 360 degree flips and stuff.
You know what! I was like taking double stairs per steps excitedly trying to get to the ride faster and he was like eh slowly leh slowly leh.. then i totally barged into the ride barrier thing and he was doing that on the bottom left photo, i was like "wtf fassssssster come in omg i cant wait to play something already!"

He was like wait wait.. dragging it out and watching the ride on the tv screen WTF?! Hahahaha so adorable he's damn scared about going on the ride can! But eventually i dragged him in and he had fun so yay!!!


Luffy Pirates! With all the souvenirs and all, i got a One Piece X Hello Kitty edition iPhone case for about TWD 990, tooooo cute to give it a miss!




CHOPPERMAN HOUSE! Boo i thought this is a ride or something but it's not, lots of cute stuff nontheless! See! Kawaii kiddy version of Luffy Pirates!



Hahaha didn't go for this ride but it get people RIDICULOUSLY wet like i saw this person who was drenched from top to toe.


LOL BOA! I love Boa hahaha she's so funny.


SUPEEEEEEERRRRR.. FRRRRRRAAAAANNNNNKKKKYYYYY!!!! Lol he damn not paiseh one i like! Hahahah


Hahahaha *Chopper hides in totally wrong direction*


So damn cool! Even the foodie place they make it like Baratie, the floating restaurant that Sanji was from! If Japan ever had a One Piece Event like this i will surely go, cos the taiwan one is so cool then japan one will be 10000000000X cooler please.



Very upset that my Chopper cake was sold out but we ordered other stuff!




Hahahah this dude trying to act cute and wore chopper's hat




Hahahah i don't know why but leon make me take a photo with the doctor's flag from the chopper story. Both of us cried while watching the chopper story eps!!! So heart wrenching )':


Hahahah i don't think you can see this but we had our arms stamped with the X like the crew too! hahahah


LOL!!!! Omg for the longest time he keep making this face to make me laugh ahahaha, the duval CMI wink face!!!


This is how it looks like, i think it's a 100% match with leon's. HAHAHA


HAHAHAAH saw the Nami mascot and i could die from my laughing fits! SERIOUSLYYYYYY?! Hahahahah damn 搞笑 can!


Leon tried the giant 抓娃娃 to try and catch a chopper for me lol! Awww


Hahahah such a guy thing! He loves such "strength testing" machines and those punching kind lol, i suspect he's trying to impress me hahahaha so cute


The english garden! They were starting to grow the lavenders for the lavendar season event in a couple months i think!



We were damn guai never waste money take cab back, asked for directions to take the bus back and it's only like a dollar or lesser per person hahahaha mad cheap. And it's not even a very far back to sun moon lake where our minsu is!

Yay dinner time! Went to walk around sun moon lake and bought some foodie souviner for the family and saw this restaurant so we had dinner there!



Back to the minsu after a whole day of fun at the One Piece Memorial Log! Such an exciting for the both of us. (:  Had an early night, watched tv, hug riri meimei and fell asleep!

Next post, Day 6 we went to 苗栗, to 天空之城 and had one of the best meals we ever had and pluck strawberries in a strawberry farm! ♫♪

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick